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Dr. Sarah M. Thomas, DOM., L.Ap. & Dr. Mark T. Brinson, DOM., L.Ap., 

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Fixing back pain from home.

Evil Bone Water:
(Zheng Xie Gu Shui)

Formulated by Saint Apothecary, these handmade, small batches use only imperial grade herbs, Everclear 190, and water to help solve your pain, healing, and skin problems instead of just temporary relief.

For more information on Dr. Mark Brinson's Evil Bone Water please visit our website ( linked below.

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"At our clinic, we do not accept regular insurance. However, we do participate with and accept assignment of benefits from the Veterans Administration. For those with private insurance, we provide itemized billing invoices for you to file for reimbursement with your insurance provider. Additionally, we accept all forms of credit cards, including HSA and FSA, flexible spending accounts, that are Visa or MasterCard."


Treatment packages are available for treatment course savings. 

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Why Learn These Techniques?


Myofascial and joint issues combined, in my estimation, account for possibly 80% of all shoulder problems and pain that present clinically.  Additionally, there are few, if any professions diagnosing or treating it fully, more individuals who have realized the implications the upper thoracic vertebra and upper ribs can play in these conditions.

Shoulder pain

Myofascial Integration -


Our Goal - To reduce or affect a cure to shoulder pain and dysfunction by normalizing the soft tissues, fascia, ligaments, and joint so force is equally distributed throughout the shoulder complex.   This should be done without thrust or force techniques in order to cause a more permanent, lasting change.   One must include all of the tissues that influence the Cervical Vertebra, Upper Thoracic Vertebra, and Upper Ribs to affect a permanent change.

What is fascia?


A tough connective tissue found three dimensionally throughout the body. Sub dermally it surrounds us like a body suit.  Internally, it covers every muscle, bone, organ, nerve and blood vessel down to the cellular level.  If every structure in the body were removed, the fascia would leave a perfect mold.  If provides support, protection and a membrane for the collection and uptake of extracellular fluid. Fascia is stronger than steel, with a strength of 5000lbs per sq cm!  Fortunately, it can be broken up and reformed, essentially, moving from a solid to a gel state with pressure, time and heat.  All of which can be done with the hands alone.

It is health that

is real wealth


not pieces of

gold and silver.


~ Mahatma Gandhi

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