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Myofascial Integration


Atlas / Axis Intensive 


10 Hours



Learn to RESOLVE

Migraines, Headaches, Neurological Symptoms 


The relationship of the first three vertebrae and their attachment to the skull will be explored in-depth.  You will learn to evaluate and treat dysfunction in this area that can lead to migraines, stroke and a myriad of other neurological disorders. The removal of restriction and elongation of the ligaments supporting this complex brings about permanent results, normalizing the position of the Atlas/Axis complex. This remarkable work is what your practice has been missing!





Hour 1   -  Introduction to The Upper Cervical Complex

Hour 2   -  Theory, Function and Dysfunction of the Atlas Axis


Hour 3   -  Locating, Evaluation and Documentation of the Atlas

Hour 4   -  Myofascial Preparation Techniques

Hour 5   -  Neuromuscular Preparation Techniques

Hour 6   -  Myofascial Release of the Ant. / Post. Cervical Complex

Hour 7   -  Ligamentous Preparation and Warming

Hour 8   -  Correction Shear

Hour 9   -  Correction Tilt and Rotation

Hour 10 -  Correction Projection and Atlas Axis Evaluation


Includes:  Full Manual, Seminar and Certificate!


This is a HANDS-ON, Interactive seminar.  

Prepare to work and be worked on!



For more information call 

(912) 268-6001





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