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Spring is in the Air!

Allergy Season is HERE!

The Golden Isles, with all its beauty, has a lurking dragon that appears every spring. With all of the amazing foliage blooming all at once, even people without “allergies” have sensitivities or allergy like symptoms for a period of one to two months. Well, the dragon has arrived!

Fortunately, we have several teas and Chinese formulas specifically designed for this and much more. We can treat mild symptoms with a simple Sinus Buster or Season Care Tea, done one to two times a day will alleviate symptoms and prevent it from progressing to a cold or infection. For those who have already progressed to that point, we combine those tea formulas with Bi Yuan Pian or Bi Min Gan to treat even the most stubborn allergies or sinus infections. Safe, effective, all natural, and side effect free, we can get you all fixed up for usually around $15 bucks... cheaper and more effective than a trip to CVS!

No appointment necessary. Give us a call today.

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